it's orgazemic!
--| webmaster | Sep 12, 10:31 pm | ip= | |--
we do not send spam from this domain.


--| webmaster | Apr 11, 11:41 pm | |--
well, that warrants a response doesnt it?
the idea is that i have a meaningless domain i can use to help me reduce my
spam.  It works for me.
I dont wish to offend anyone, indeed, it is toungue in cheek humour, what
else would go on except a porn site.
I will also admit, it is poor quality, it is just a site, built without
much thought and effort to perform a function, which it does very well.  
The 40 or so pictures were found on the web and roughly sized with image
magick so the quality may leave some to be desired, and if anyone claims
ownership of these images and would like them removed, just let me know. 
as for mrs anon whitehouse, im sure there are plenty of other sites more
deserving of your critique than this, I am very happily married, and tanned,
maybe it is you who needs to be "more productive with your time" after all, 
you came here for something, didn't you???

keep the comments coming and send pics to the above address!! 

--| anon | Mar 23, 12:38 pm | ip= | email=a@b.c |--
like, what is the point of this?, its childish, unfunny and poorly done. 
cant you do something a little more productive with your time???  maybe you
should get a girlfriend and a little more sun.

--| kris | Mar 16, 06:43 pm | ip= | |--
its not filth... its art!

--| ness | Feb 25, 04:56 pm | |--
love the allisoni baby!  dunno about the big turkey... scary.  But it's
quality not quantity that matters.

--| chris | Feb 23, 10:49 am | email= |--
the pics are random, I keep seing the same ones twice, couldnt there be a

--| Souz | Feb 22, 05:56 pm | email=a@b.c |--
why am I not surprised at this....!?!?!?  Blokes, hey...?  
Anway, some good photos amongst them..

--| Jonno | Feb 22, 02:02 pm | |--
Fukkn excellent, nothing has brought me off faster!!! , keep up the good
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